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    Magical Portals


    18th July 2019


    2019 to 2020 : A Time of Great Potential and Power!!! The focus, on the personal level, for this cycle will be the completion of the embodiment of the Soul process that was begun in the 2018/19 cycle. The Merkaba represents pure divine energy, constantly spinning, harmonizing, balancing, flowing, moving and expanding in all four directions at all times supporting you where you want to go. It is said we can travel via a Merkaba into any spiritual dimension as it is infinitely circulating the flow of energy from the divine trinity with all elements, in all directions and all at the sametime.


    * Violet Flame Meditation
    * Magical Portals explanation (Theory and practice)
    * Lion´s Gate
    * Hatha Moving Meditation
    * Merkaba Activation
    * Yin Yoga for anchoring the Merkaba vehicle


    Cósmika from @ PastLifeTherapy
    Florencia Casartelli is a recognized hypnotherapist, 5D Healer, Reiki Master, Meditation Teacher, channeler and past lives therapist.

    Oriana from @ HappySoulYoga
    Oriana Guayasamin is a recognized Yoga Teacher at Parnita´s Yoga


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