Oriana Guayasamin

Yin & Kids Yoga

My journey to yoga started about 10 years ago back in my home country - Colombia.
It was very hard time for me, I was constantly worried and stressed about what was coming next in my life. So I started my journey by attending Sivananda yoga classes and from the first class I gained a beautiful and huge understanding of how the breath works in our body and mind.
Yoga got me immediately!! First, I noticed a drastic improvement in my sleep and I was able to manage my sleeping pattern with greater ease. A year later, while living in South Africa, I jumped into my first teaching role as a Vinyasa Yoga teacher. I thoroughly enjoyed spreading the wonderful benefits of this practise. I remained curious about all forms and disciplines of yoga and, while living in Melbourne, I studied partner, kids and community formations with Rainbow Kids Yoga.
I recently came back from a marvellous and knowledge enriching trip to India, where I was able to refresh my understanding with traditional 200hr Hatha and 100hr Yin yoga course. Both incredible and uplifting trainings! For me, yoga is not just the physical aspect of making your body strong and more flexible - it is about all the beautiful experiences and benefits that yoga brings to our soul, mind and body.
I’m looking forward to share this wealth of knowledge of yoga and my journey with you. Namaste