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Covid Lockdown round 3

Dear Yogis,

So many changes again in such short notice... but as yoga teaches us...

live in the present moment and not stress about what the future holds.

It has been amazing teaching #beachyoga & now in the new private studio too but....

Sadly as per Government #Covid guidelines, restrictions are back in place and no yoga is allowed over this weekend 24th-26th April 2021.

Masks 😷 are required outdoors unless vigorous exercise…. but #yoga is not included.

Our event will be rescheduled and everyone will receive notice about the future date.

So with this said... I will be online teaching a Stress Release Yoga Class - 9.30am on Monday 26th April 2021. Please book ahead and I can't wait to see you all.

Let’s get back on our mats and release this stress from our bodies and minds!!! 🙏

Let's work together and keep our community safe!


If you need a homemade #mask 😷 PM me for details x

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Hi Maria, I’d love to do online but can’t see where to book xx


Debbie Astbury
Debbie Astbury
Apr 24, 2021

Thanks Maria will be happy to do online:)

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