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Debbie Astbury

Family & Kids Yoga

Following a breast cancer diagnosis 7 years ago I was drawn to yoga to calm my mind and help me focus in a positive way. I initially started my yoga journey with a restorative practice that helped me manage physical pain that had resulted from the harsh treatments, the practice also helped still my mind taking away the element of fear.
From then on and to date I practice yoga at least 3 times a week this has helped me heal and align my mind and body, remain focused and be more positive about my   health. Now seven years later I consider myself cancer free. My only regret is that I didn't start my yoga journey earlier in my life and that's what drove to me to take the plunge and learn to teach Kids Yoga and their families. It's a way of giving back to a younger generation. I have learnt, that yoga is a tool of self care to help prevent the stresses of daily life from contributing to so many illnesses both physically and mentally in the world.
I hope to be able to teach you and your families ways of being in the moment, being grateful and having a little bit of fun on the way through yoga!
Trained and certified in Children & Family Yoga through Rainbow Kids Yoga.
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