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PARNITA - Maria Grimes

My personal yoga journey started many years ago, as a way to soothe my body after many long hours of dancing and teaching Ballroom Dancing. Yoga kept my  body flexible and prevented injuries. I discovered yoga changes your life, not just physically but also mentally, emotional and spiritually. It basically just sorts you out.
I traveled the world and continued to practice yoga everyday, I was just drawn to the practice.
So inspired by other Yoga Teachers on my travels, In 2014 I stopped to study my 200 YTT Yoga Teacher Training with Yogacara in Whistler, Canada.
When I returned to Australia I began teaching and sharing my knowledge straight away. I started up as Soul n Body Health and taught at many different places, not really finding my  home yet.
Two years later in 2016, I traveled to Rishikesh, India & continued my studies achieving my 300 YTT Yoga Teacher Training with Akhanda Yoga. What an amazing journey of self growth. Here I was given my  Sanskrit name "Parnita" meaning angel wings by my  guru. From this Parnita's Yoga was born.
Ballroom & Latin American Dance Teacher (over many years)
CPR & First Aid ( Renews every year)
Vinyasa Flow Yoga (2014 -Yogacara in Canada)
Hatha (2014 -Yogacara in Canada)
Hatha Raja (2016 - Akhanda Yoga in India)
Akhanda Yoga (2016 - Akhanda Yoga in India)
Classical Kundalini (2016 - Akhanda Yoga in India)
Prenatal Yoga (2016 - Akhanda Yoga in India)
Restorative Yoga (2016 - Akhanda Yoga in India)
Transformational Experiences (2016 - Akhanda Yoga in India)
Meditation & Mindfulness (2016 - Akhanda Yoga in India)
Yoga Nidra (2016 - Akhanda Yoga in India)
Pranayama (Breathwork) (2016 - Akhanda Yoga in India)
Yoga Lifestyle Coaching (2016 - Akhanda Yoga in India)
Yoga Therapy (2016 - The Yoga Space in Perth)
Yoga for Trauma Release (2017 - BioMedical Institute of Yoga & Meditation in Queensland) 
Infection Control Training - COVID 19 (2019 - Aspen Medical in Perth)
Yoga for Cancer and Palliative Care (2021 - Wisdom Yoga Institute in Perth)
Chair Yoga (2021 - Yogazeit in Perth)
Indian Head Massage (2023 - Feel Good Therapies in Perth)
Sound Bath Facilitation (2023 - Sound Relaxation & Peter Hess® Academy Australia)
Sound Massage Level I/II (2024 - Peter Hess® Academy Australia)
Yoga is a practice of forever learning and growing, both on and off your mat.
I continue to study and learn more to keep up to date with the latest of knowledge.
I hope to inspire you in your yoga journey and we can grow together.
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