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New Studio Policies for Covid-19

COVID_19 Protocol, please be kind, as this is already a very difficult time for all.

Our policies at Parnita's Yoga have always guided a safe and fun environment for teachers and students. As we make changes for reduced class sizes and sanitation procedures, we must amend our previous policies. Please take a careful look at the new policies and be ready to follow them as you return to the studio.

Students or teachers that do not follow the new policies will not be permitted to take class and late cancellation fees will apply.

- Classes

Due to very limited class sizes, all students must pre-register for class.

Each class must be only 4 students plus one teacher.

Classes are scheduled at 30  minutes apart from one another to allow for  sanitation of door handles, counters and floors, after each class as per Guide for Covid-19.

- Check-In / Check-out Procedures

Wait outside of the studio and stand a minimum of 1.5meters from anyone and practice  Social Distancing at all times.

Teacher will indicate to enter the studio, one student at a time. Please refrain from handshaking, hugging, or otherwise touching instructor or other students at the studio.

Students will state their name to confirm registration and give verbal confirmation that they have not experienced flu or Covid-like symptoms 24 hours prior to class. Instructors are to assess before you enter the studio to confirm you do not have a fever and are not experiencing any sign of illness before class.

Upon entry students will immediately be given sanitiser for hands.

Student will leave their items in the cubby area and place their mat in designated marked area. Tape is laid out indicating where to place your mat at 1.5meters apart and 4sqm per person. Please leave any unnecessary items that might slow the check-in process at home.

Students stay on their mats unless urgent or in need of the toilet.

Students to pack up their own equipment, collect belongings and exit studio asap, allowing time for the next students to enter  and  set up for class as guided by instructor.

- Hands-On Assistance

There will be no hands-on assists in any class.

- Mats

Students must bring their own yoga mat to attend class. Students that come to class without a mat can purchase a studio mat for $10 while supplies last.

- All Other Props:

Parnita’s Yoga will not distribute these items for use in class, blocks, straps, bolsters, pillows, blankets, eye pillows etc. (some are available to purchase).

Students are welcome and encouraged to bring their own props to class or purchase them from Parnita’s Yoga, as these items might make class more comfortable. Please arrive to class 10 minutes ahead of time so that you are set up for class on time.

- Masks

Instructors will not wear masks during class so they can effectively and clearly guide your practice. They will teach from their mat to help mitigate the spread of respiratory droplets.

Students are not required to wear masks in the studio or during class.

- Class Cancellation

As our class sizes are dramatically impacted by social distancing and sanitation procedures, we will enforce temporary cancellation policies that are more stringent than our previously held policies.

Students must cancel their own classes through WIX  a  minimum of 30mins ahead.

Students that do not cancel or fail to show for class will lose their class payment. Those on an unlimited pass will lose 1 days from their package. We need to be courteous of other during this very hard time and with limited class places these rules must be administrated. Thank you for understanding.

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