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COVID-19 update 31st Jan 22

Today JANUARY 31st 2022, proof of vaccine requirements have come into effect at my home studio & masks...😞

I want to keep our yoga community strong, and continue doing what we love... together, so please consider all my offerings:

OUTDOOR Yoga is held at Shoalwater Beach / Arcadia Drive.

ALL community is able to practice no restrictions🙌

ONLINE classes for those who want to do yoga from home!

Both live and pre-recorded options.

HOME STUDIO - Please message/email acceptable proof of double vaccination before coming to studio class, this can be done by digital certificate or exemption, and I will update my records. Visit COVID-19 Information online for ways to supply proof.

Meanwhile, let’s stay well and be kind while we navigate our way through this together 🙏

Please share these options with your friends & yoga community.

Parnita 😘

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Will a screenshot of my cert be ample or do you need to see it on my app or a hard copy?

Maria Grimes
Maria Grimes
31 de jan. de 2022
Respondendo a

Yes screen shot perfect 🙏

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